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Our philosophy

I come from Kefalonia. I grew up in Argostoli, but at a young age I left my beloved island with my family. My dream was always to come back and get involved with hospitality. For me, the crisis was a motivational force to start new activities, to create new things. I love my country, Greece - I love my island. And that is why, despite the difficult times our country is going through, my family and I decided to return to our island and get involved in Tourism.

Kefalonia is full of unexplored places, Greek cuisine is full of surprises and the Greek people are full of hospitality and respect towards our visitors.
If someone asked me, ‘Stella, how do you feel about this new effort?’ I would respond: ‘I gained a bigger family. I built a larger home.’
Our dinner table is growing. My caring for people is multiplying, multiplying since in my new home I will be welcoming more visitors from different places of Greece and the world.

With our Hotel, we want to generously offer everyone who honors us with their choice:
- the unique characteristics of the Greek people at their best - hospitality, caring, nurturing 
- the purest products from Greek nature, at their best season - tradition, freshness, purity 
- the beauties of the island of Kefalonia from a different perspective, the local one - activities, culture, variety of experiences 

We look forward to seeing you! Siora Stella

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