The Top 10 kid-friendly beaches in Kefalonia!

28 April 2014 blog, blog, my Kefalonia, my Kefalonia

The Top 10 kid-friendly beaches in Kefalonia!

The number of beaches in Kefalonia is countless –not even the locals know exactly how many of them there are! Even so, each one of them is unique, ready to fulfill any desire you may have. Our friends spending their summer holidays at our apartment often ask me, which beaches […]

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Did you know…

13 March 2014 blog, blog, did you know, did you know,

The famous beach of Antisamos, in Kefalonia

Antisamos beach was the one… starring in the movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”.

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Melissani Cave Lake: Kefalonian beauty in its most charming version!

27 February 2014 blog, blog, my Kefalonia, my Kefalonia

Melissani Cave Lake: Discover the real Kefalonian beauty!

Today we are going to travel together to one of the most beautiful places in Kefalonia: to Melissani Cave, situated near Karavomilos- a cute little village 2 kilometers northwest of Sami and about 15 kilometers away from our hotel. Named after Nymph Melissani, which legend has it, retreated to the […]

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Homemade orange jam with Kefalonia’s scents

10 February 2014 blog, blog, recipes, recipes, ,

A traditional recipe of Kefalonia for homemade orange jam

1 kilo fresh oranges 1 kilo sugar ½ cup of water Take the oranges that you are going to use to make the jam, scrub them well with the kitchen sponge and then rinse them thoroughly. Put the oranges in a pot filled with water and let them “rest” for […]

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«Kourabiedes» (Traditional Greek Christmas Cookies)

24 December 2013 blog, blog, recipes, recipes

Traditional Christmas cookies of Kefalonia

Ingredients 500 gr. Horio Butter Corfu Type 1 cup confectioners’ sugar ½ cup lye 4-5 pinches powdered vanilla 2 eggs ¼ cup ouzo 250 gr. chopped, slightly roasted almonds flour, as much needed In a mixer bowl, add the butter, the sugar and the eggs and start beating them until […]

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did you know…

1 August 2013 blog, did you know, did you know, , ,


Kefalonia got its name from the mythical hero Cephalus, son of Hermes and Ersis. Amphitryon, the king of Athens, gave the island to Kefalos as a gift, to thank him for helping him winning the war against the inhabitants of Kefalonia.

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grandma’s zucchiniballs

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Οι κολοκυθοκεφτέδες της γιαγιάς

Makes approximately 30 pieces 1 kl zucchini 1 large onion 2 eggs 250 grams toast crumbs 300 grams feta cheese 60 grams chopped parsley and mint Black Pepper to taste Salt to taste (be careful, some feta cheese is saltier than others, adjust accordingly) 1/3 cup of olive oil Some […]

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fishing in Minies

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Ψάρεμα στις Μηνιές

The beach of Spasmata, as well as, all the beaches near our hotel, is the ideal location for fishing. It is suitable for all types of fishing because of the morphology of the seabed in the area; this creates “psaromeries,” a word that literally translates to “fish areas.” Whether by […]

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the kefalonian trekking experience

26 July 2013 activities, blog, blog, activities

Γνωρίστε την Κεφαλονιά περπατώντας

A good pair of sneakers, a backpack with a some clothes, lots of water and a couple of snacks, as well as, a great deal of willingness to explore are the three ingredients required in order to get to know on foot the magnificent side of Kefalonia that is hidden […]

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