Room type   24.04 – 1.05   01.06 –30.06  01.07 – 31.07    01.08 – 31.08   01.09 – 15.10 


45 Euro

50 Euro

55 Euro 60 Euro 45 Euro


55 Euro

55 Euro 65 Euro 70 Euro  55 Euro


75 Euro

75 Euro 80 Euro 80 Euro  75 Euro
Studio 45 Euro 50 Euro 55 Euro 60 Euro 45 Euro
Bungalow 80 Euro 80 Euro 95 Euro 100 Euro 80 Euro

 * Breakfast is included in the price of all the Apartments, Studios and the Bungalow. For further information about all of our apartments’ facilities, click here.

In case you would like to find out about the special offers we frequently have in our Hotel, you may visit the relevant section of our website, which is updated on a regular basis.

The prices: a high-standared accommodation in Kefalonia


Arrival, Departure, Reservation and Cancellation Policies

  • Our apartments are available from 14:00’ (2 pm) on the date of arrival, until 12:00 (12 pm) on the date of departure.
  • The room charge for an apartment kept until 18:00 (6 pm) is 50% of the room rate and 100% for any time after that.
  • Reservations are confirmed after a bank deposit of 30% of the total room charge.
    • National Bank of Greece: 303/637635-55, Stellanthi Balamatsi, IBAN: GR1201103030000030363763555
    • Piraeus Bank: 6395-010033-256, Stellanthi Balamatsi, IBAN: GR9601713950006395010033256
  • Payment is made in cash.

According to current GNTO regulation:

  • For cancellations made 22 days (or more) prior to date of arrival there is no charge and the entire deposit is reimbursed. For Cancellations made less than 22 days prior to date of arrival, there is a 50% charge of the entire room charge
  • In the event of an early departure or delayed arrival, 100% of the total room charge is charged, as planned.

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