Accommodation in Kefalonia, Greece

the coffeehouse

At our Hotel, under the delightful shade of our perennial olive tree, looking out to the Ionian Sea, we have created a corner especially for the lovers of Greek cuisine.

In the morning and the evening, when the pool is open, you may drink your coffee or enjoy a cold plate, a refreshing Greek yogurt or a sweet preserve (known in Greek as “gliko tou koutaliou, which roughly translates to “sweet of the spoon”), sitting with company or alone; reading a book or playing one of the board games we have available at our Hotel for your enjoyment.

For lunch and dinner, when you are hungry, ask for the mezedes menu (Greek appetizers) – and a variety of flavors with a strong scent of Kefalonian culinary tradition that makes our kitchen come to life!

In the event that you are thinking of staying in, either alone or with family or a group of friends, you can order your meal of choice from the morning, when we bring you your breakfast in a basket, so that we may prepare it for you. Stella’s (the owner) suggestions:

  • Kefalonian meat-pie
  • Gramma’s Pastitsio
  • Sofigado in a clay pot
  • Kefalonian Prokado
  • Freshly baked bread
  • Aliada from Kefalonia (garlic dip) with fried stock fish and beetroots
  • Variety of savory pies with homemade fyllo (kind of pastry)