all day menu

Aromas and ingredients that incarnate the authentic Greek summer are served at our Coffeehouse, with an all-day menu that aspires to offer you familiar dishes, while introducing you new ones; all of which originate from Kefalonia and its rich culinary tradition.

The menu: try traditional dishes, snacks, drinks at Hotel Dendrolivano

In our Coffeehouse, you may find:

Sodas, Beers, Homemade wine, Ouzo, Homemade tsipouro
Coffees [Greek Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Freddo Cappuccino, Freddo Espresso, Greek Frappé, Nescafe, Milkshakes (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla flavor), Mountain Tea, Ice Tea, Hot and Cold Chocolate, Milk]


Toasts (Ham and Cheese or Turkey and Cheese), Club Sandwich (with chicken or bacon), Baguette filled with Greek flavors, Sandwiches (Chicken Sandwich or Tuna Sandwich, on a Baguette)
Salads [Traditional Kefalonian Salad (known as “Riganada”), Greek (Choriatiki) Salad, Green Salad with Siora’s Stella’s dressing]
Omelets and Eggs
Pies (Pie of the Day), all made with fresh products and with fyllo made by Siora Stella; for example: round cheese pie, traditional local-greens pie, savory zucchini pie, traditional Kefalonian octopus pie, traditional Kefalonian cop pie etc.


Desserts and Ice Creams
Greek Yogurt with Honey, Greek Yogurt with Fruit, Fruit salad, Ice Cream. Before you leave, make sure you have tried Siora Stella’s one-of-a-kind Chocolate Pie, her Kefalonian Walnut pie and traditional Ravani with or without ice cream.

The menu: try traditional dishes, snacks, drinks at Hotel Dendrolivano