Every place one visits is defined by its people, by the scents that will forever accompany its reminiscence, by its culinary tradition – and Siora Stella’s kitchen will be unforgettable. Smell and taste Kefalonia, through dishes made with the genuine Kefalonian temperament.

Some of our flavors:

  • Grandma’s Zucchiniballs
  • Meatballs with ouzo and mint
  • Dendrolivano’s Fresh French Fries
  • Strapatsada of Kefalonia (a traditional plate with eggs, tomato and feta cheese)
  • Mini cheese pies
  • Marinated anchovies
  • Ksaplomenes Sardines (oven baked sardines with tomato)
  • Fried Calamari
  • Dish of the Day (Everyday a different dish is honored)
  • Salads

Traditional cuisine at Hotel Dendrolivano, Kefalonia. Homemade dishes.