The barbeque: experience traditional homemade souvlaki in Kefalonia

the barbeque

This central part of our Hotel and the ideal background for memorable nights during your holidays in Kefalonia, our Barbeque is available to every guest for his or her own use, every day except for Saturday.

Every Wednesday night is dedicated to fish! Seafood saganaki (fried cheese delicacy), rice with mussels, fried calamari, swordfish with potatoes in the oven, grilled sea bream and vegetables and the other mezedes that you can find on a daily basis at our traditional coffeehouse, all will accompany this Night of Fish that is sure to become one of your favorites during your stay at Dendrolivano.

Of course, every Saturday, we throw a “Grill Party.” From 9pm to 11pm, aside from our daily offerings, the pool bar and coffeehouse menus will also include an explosion of flavors: bread grilled on top of charcoal with olive oil and sea salt, homemade kontosouvli and chicken and pork souvlaki, which have been marinated all day with Siora Stella’s secret sauce, will combine to make Saturdays at Dendrolivano even more unforgettable!

Every other day of the week you may make the Barbeque yours, and enhance your stay: cook your own treats, invite friends, color your summer nights the way you wish. The pool bar and the Greek Coffeehouse are always open to support your every desire.