The Taverna

Meet all the Greek Mediterranean flavors of Kefalonia and its rich culinary tradition.


Aromas and ingredients that incarnate the authentic Greek summer are served at our Taverna/Coffeehouse, with an all-day menu that offers you familiar dishes and introduces you to new ones, all of which originating from the rich culinary tradition of Kefalonia.



Every place one visits is defined by its people, by the scents that will forever accompany its reminiscence, by its culinary tradition – and Siora Stella’s kitchen will be unforgettable. Smell and taste Kefalonia, through dishes made with the genuine Kefalonian temperament.


Some of our flavors:

  • Grandma’s Zucchiniballs
  • Meatballs with ouzo and mint
  • Dendrolivano’s Fresh French Fries
  • Strapatsada of Kefalonia (a traditional plate with eggs, tomato and feta cheese)
  • Mini cheese pies
  • Marinated anchovies
  • Ksaplomenes Sardines (oven baked sardines with tomato)
  • Fried Calamari
  • Dish of the Day (Everyday a different dish is honored)
  • Salads





This central part of our Hotel makes for memorable nights during your holidays in Kefalonia. Our Barbeque is available to every guest for personal use, every day except Saturday.


Wednesday nights are dedicated to fish and seafood! Seafood saganaki (fried cheese delicacy), rice with mussels, fried calamari, swordfish with potatoes in the oven, grilled sea bream, vegetables and other mezedes that you can find on a daily basis at our traditional Taverna/Coffeehouse will star every Wednesday, which is sure to become one of your favorites during your stay at Dendrolivano.


Every Saturday, we throw a “Grill Party”! From 9pm to 11pm, aside from our daily offerings, the pool bar and coffeehouse menus will also include an explosion of flavors: bread grilled on top of charcoal with olive oil and sea salt, homemade kontosouvli and chicken and pork souvlaki that have been marinated all day with Siora Stella’s secret sauce – this makes for another reason for Saturdays at Dendrolivano to be unforgettable!


Every other day of the week you may use the Barbeque and spice up your stay: cook your own treats, invite friends, color your summer nights the way you wish. The pool bar and the Taverna/Coffeehouse is always open to support your every desire.





Being particularly fond of the Greek nature and the way it stimulates us in order to live more authentically, as well as admiring how it highlights the local tradition of Kefalonia, we have decided to deeply integrate it in the philosophy of our Hotel.


In that spirit, every year, we prepare a series of products for you, our guests, that we serve during breakfast at the Coffeehouse, and that you may also take with you as you go. All of our products are made with traditional methods by Siora Stella herself and must be kept in the refrigerator, since they are entirely natural and totally free of preservatives.


Make your vacation last a little longer by packing away some of the most unique flavors and scents of Kefalonia that you can also enjoy at our Hotel!







Breakfast is served every day. Let us nurture you with the best of sweet and savory delicacies.


Relax and order drinks and cocktails under the sun and the moon.

Our neighborhood

Imposing landscape, enchanting nature, history. Discover the amazing Kefalonia.


Our little friends have their own space in which to create their own memories.