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Just 7.5 km away from our Hotel, Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia and the largest city of the island.

With its natural harbor giving it the title of one of the safest harbors in the world, Argostoli is a mosaic of colorful images and valuable experiences: the Archaeological Museum and the Korgialeneios Library are two of the most remarkable sights in the city.

In addition, the Bell Square, the famous Katavothres of Kefalonia and Lithostroto, the cobble-paved market sidewalk where the heart of Argostoli beats, are just a few enchanting locations that make Kefalonia a special place to experience.


The first eleven beaches on the Dendrolivano list are famous because they have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Award, whereas the remaining beaches are waiting for you to explore them and choose them as the ideal background for your summer holiday. Having in common their outstanding beauty, the beaches of Kefalonia are almost countless. 

We have tried to gather most of them in order to help you visit as many as possible: Myrtos Beach, Xi Beach, Petani Beach, Platis Gialos Beach, Makris Gialos Beach, Katelios Beach, Avithos Beach, Lourdas Beach, Ammes Beach, Skala Beach, Aragia Beach, Emplisi Beach, Alaties Beach, Saint Jerusalem Beach, Foki Beach, Dafnoudi Beach, Koutsoupia Beach, Spilitsa Beach, Ai Chelis Beach, Minies Beach, Ardes Beach, Trapezaki Beach, Koroni Beach, Potamakia Beach, Kaminia Beach, Kako Laggadi Beach, Ragia Beach, Limenia Beach, Makria Petra Beach, Vatsa Beach, Lepeda Beach, Atheras Beach, Antisami Beach, Platia Ammos Beach, Sissia Beach, Giagana Beach, Klimatsias Beach, Fteri Beach, Amidi Beach, Lefka Beach


Widely known for its diversity, Kefalonia has a great variety of important attractions through which it tells visitors its own history, as well as, keep their interest alive. Here is a list of the most

  • The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli
  • Korgialenio Historic and Folklore Museum of Argostoli
  • Katavothres
  • Koutavos Lagoon
  • The Kosmetatos Residence
  • Melissani Cave
  • Drogarati Cave
  • The Moving Rock at Kounopetra
  • Karavomilos Lake

  • Saint George’s Castle
  • Assos Castle
  • Saint Theodore Lighthouse
  • Saint Gerassimos Monastery
  • Theotokos Monastery
  • Monastery of Atros
  • Saint Andreas Monastery
  • Monastery of Kipouraioi
  • Monastery of Panagia Sission
  • Saint Barbara Church
  • Saint Marina Church
  • The Church of the Panagia Fidiotissa
  • Mazarakata Mycenean Tombs
  • Natural History Museum
  • The Olive Story Museum
  • The Robola Cooperative Winery
  • The obelisk monument to the British rule
  • Roman Villa Mosaics in Skala
  • Ancient Acropolis of Sami




Rich in local customs and folklore, Kefalonia gives you the opportunity to be grafted by its collective memory and, thus, experience all that it has to offer in many different ways.  One of the most popular ways and an integral part of its local culture is through the local festivals – with the most famous among them the one of Panagia of Lagouvardo (or Fidoussa, as it is widely known). 

According to the island’s myth-keepers, a unique phenomenon took place during Panagia Fidoussa, at which time the monastery’s nuns called upon the Virgin Mary to turn them into snakes so that they may avoid the pirate invasion. Actually, the name Fidoussa is derived from the word “fidi,” which in Greek means “snake” and that is how the myth carries on until this day.


* For further information about which festival of Kefalonia is worthwhile to visit, do not hesitate to ask Siora Stella.


One of the main reasons to love Kefalonia is definitely the traditional cuisine and its local products, with the Robola, our white wine of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) being the forerunner in the preferences of visitors. So before you leave, make sure you’ve tried some of the following flavors:

• Traditional Cuisine

Toumatsi (tagliatelle boiled in milk), Kofissopita, Kreatopita (meat pie), Pitopouli, Aliada (garlic dip), Bakaliaropita (cod pie), Agginaropita (artichoke pie), Chtapodopita (octopus pie), Tsigaridia, Sofigado, Rabbit sauce, Bourbourelia, Stuffed artichokes, Zuchinniballs, Strapatsada, Lachanopita (cabbage pie), Bourgieto, Rovani, Meat in tserepa, Savoro, Riganada

• Traditional Products

Robola wine, Mandoles, Mandolata, Pasteli, Thyme honey, Feta cheese, Mizithra cheese, Moustokoulouro, Rozolia, Mandarin aperitifs, Soumada, Pastokidono, Sugar bread

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