Homemade orange jam with Kefalonia’s scents

1 kilo fresh oranges
1 kilo sugar
½ cup of water

Take the oranges that you are going to use to make the jam, scrub them well with the kitchen sponge and then rinse them thoroughly.

Boil oranges in a pot filled with water for about 5 minutes, in order to eliminate the peel’s bitter taste. Pour out the water and repeat the process once more. Then drain them, cut them in four pieces and remove the seeds. Put the pieces in a blender and beat them until you get a smooth pulp.

Put the pulp in a large pot and let it boil for some minutes over strong heat. Then lower the heat, bringing it to a simmer until the mixture becomes thicker. Stir constantly to prevent mixture from sticking to the bottom of the pot.
When thick enough, take the jam off the heat, let it cool and then put it into jars (to conserve it better, keep the jars in cool place and store them in the refrigerator during summertime). Before closing up the jars, use lemon juice as a natural conservative by squeezing lemon juice into the jars.


In case you wish to make a different quantity of jam, keep in mind that for each kilo of fresh oranges, you will need one kilo of sugar and ½ cup of water.


Good luck my friends!

23 May 2017